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OFSTED Report 2017





Unlike the entry found in one of the Headteachers’ Log Books dating from over 100 years ago which states that, ‘The Inspector came, stayed for assembly and then left’, our OFSTED inspector stayed for the whole day, as you would expect, and judged the school to be GOOD.


The day was, as any school finds, quite intense where the inspector rigorously probed for evidence to support the school’s judgement that we are providing a good education.


The school was last inspected over 5 years ago and the recent inspection found that standards remained high where the Headteacher, Mrs Bernadette Fleet, provides, ‘inspirational leadership… knows the school and its community well… “ and “ …has a very secure understanding of the school’s strengths…”.


The inspector found that the children like the school because, “Everybody plays with everybody” and she saw that the children like to ask questions during their learning about what puzzles them.  In their feedback to the inspector, one parent wrote about how, “The school feels and operates like a family unit.”


The inspector confirmed that, “The changes … made (this year) to the teaching of reading are having a positive impact” and, in mathematics, “The staff have a clear focus on deepening mathematical learning”.


The Inspector added that the standards in writing, which are significantly better than that found nationally, are sustainable. The inspector found that strong communication between the Headteacher and governors meant that governors “have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school….” and, “…support and challenge (the Headteacher) well.”

Safeguarding, too, is effective.


Mrs Fleet stated, “We are very proud of our children. They always work hard and give of their best. It is a privilege to be part of the leadership of this school and I am ever grateful to the consistent support of all the staff, governors and parents who, together with the children, make our school the solidly good school that it is. We enjoyed a brief moment of celebration once the outcome of the inspection was made known and now it is business as usual!” The Chair of Governors, Mrs Dixon-Green, said of the inspection, “The Inspector was very thorough so we are delighted that the outcome reflects the hard work of all the staff, Governors, parents and, of course, the children. ”


Please visit the school’s website to read the inspector’s letter in full and to find out more about us.

If you feel you would like your child to join our school, please enquire by calling the office on 01264 772396 as we do have places available occasionally.


Ofsted Inspection - message from Governing Body:


We had our OFSTED inspection on 28th February 2017, our first in 5 years.  The inspector wanted to pass on her thanks to the staff, governors, parents and children for welcoming her to our school. We were pleased with the way the day went and are happy that we reflected the true character and ethos of the school.


We will not receive the official outcome of the inspection for a month or so.  The school will see a copy of the letter with the inspector's conclusions and recommendations ahead of publishing it on the public website.  This will be circulated to parents.


The staff and governors would like to thank parents for all of their help and support.  We are proud of the school and children and enjoyed the opportunity to show it off.


Anna Dixon-Green, Chair of Governors

Kate Cavalier, Vice Chair of Governors


1st March 2017


Download our latest OFSTED Report (click the pdf link below) or view online.  If you would like to see the school’s latest (most recently published) Key Stage 2 results, please click on the second online link which will take you to the Department for Education site.  We welcome your comments about our school.  Please use the Parentview survey link at any time to record your opinions.