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Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors:


Amport Church of England Primary School was founded in 1815 by Sophia Sheppard and it is the responsibility of all Governors to ensure there is secure compliance with the Trust Deed.  We believe the school should serve the whole community as it attempts to provide excellent education for all within a happy and safe environment.


Our Governing Body today is made up of a cross section of people each of whom bring with them a unique set of skills.  We are responsible for the strategic management of the school and our role is to support and challenge the Headteacher and staff to ensure the children receive an excellent education.  We all undertake regular training.


There are four sub-committees and governors sit on one of either the Resources Committee or the Standards Committee. In addition, some governors sit on the Pay Committee and all Foundation Governors sit on the Foundation Committee.


Foundation Governors are unique to Church schools and are appointed by the Church at Parish or Diocesan level.  We are practising Christians and regular, supportive members of our local churches.


We have the responsibility to see that the school’s Church of England foundation has a relevant and meaningful role in the daily running of the school so that the school's vision is distinctively Christian and is rooted in our core Christian values or Truth, Trust, Forgiveness and Love.  This means that the Christian faith is visible throughout the life of the school where the impact of the vision is seen as the heartbeat of the school.  


School places are offered to local families, both within catchment and out of catchment, including Christians but also those of different faiths, or of none.  Relationships are held to be important for all members of the school community and are developed and nurtured so that reconciliation and forgiveness may be seen as well as respect and care.


We need to ensure that the school’s procedures, customs and practice are founded in Christian values and that there is provision of good quality Collective Worship and Religious Education.  The daily act of worship holds special significance and provides an opportunity for the school community to come together to celebrate their Christian foundations.  Awe, wonder and mystery are discovered as relevant to all.  Christian teaching is open and developmental so that each child can develop their own sense of spirituality.  Christian values, including our core Christian values of Trust, Truth, Forgiveness and Love, are taught and lived and we provide the opportunity for all children to experience the presence of God and prayer in their lives, every day.


As Foundation Governors, we need to monitor Collective Worship and ensure it is taking place according to Anglican tradition, attend occasionally and discuss with staff and children to gauge the impact of the worship.  We have a responsibility to monitor the teaching of Religious Education and ensure there are adequate resources and that these areas are included in the School Improvement Plan.  We need to constantly ask ourselves if visitors see our school as a Church of England school.  Foundation Governors are present on all sub-committees and are always represented in the recruitment of staff.


In creating the special Christian community, we are supported by close links with the churches in Amport, Monxton and Quarley.  The parishes are part of The Portway and Danebury Team Ministry, a group of seven churches, and one of the clergy of the team is on our Governing Body and regularly leads Collective Worship at the school.  Amport church is used throughout the year for special services and the children walk to it sometimes through the grounds of Amport House, the Joint Services Chaplaincy College.  Frequently, a Remembrance Service is held at Amport House taken by the Chaplains for the school.  The school is part of the community and we ensure it reaches out to the community.  The community is valued in school and encouraged to contribute to all aspects of school life.


On our Governing Body we have seven Foundation Governors.  There are also 2 Parent Governors elected by the parents of the school, 1 Local Authority Governor, 1 Staff Governor, and an Ex-Officio Governor (the Headteacher).  The Clerk is also the Admin Officer of the school.