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Head Pupils


At the beginning of the academic year, all Year 6 pupils are invited to consider standing for the office of Head Pupil.  Those that wish to are asked to present their manifesto to the whole school and engage in a campaign for votes.  All children and staff in the school have one vote and understand that the two pupils with the most votes will be duly elected as Head Pupils for the academic year.  The outcome may be one girl and one boy or two of each gender.  Past experience has shown that Head Pupils have been gracious in their success and frequently will recruit the only too willing support of their peers in their duties.


The role evolves each year with successful candidates bringing their own slant to the role.  However, predominantly, the role is about gathering and listening to children's views on how they can support and improve every child's experience at Amport School.  We see the Head Pupils as the prime ambassadors for the school and help them to develop this sense of responsibility.

Our 2019-20 Head Pupils, Alfie and Sam, with the Christmas Box donation to Andover Food Bank