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Head Pupils


At the beginning of the academic year, all Year 6 pupils are invited to consider standing for the office of Head Pupil.  Those that wish to are asked to present their manifesto to the whole school and engage in a campaign for votes.  All children and staff in the school have one vote and understand that the two pupils with the most votes will be duly elected as Head Pupils for the academic year.  The outcome may be one girl and one boy or two of each gender.  Past experience has shown that Head Pupils have been gracious in their success and frequently will recruit the only too willing support of their peers in their duties.


The role evolves each year with successful candidates bringing their own slant to the role.  However, predominantly, the role is about gathering and listening to children's views on how they can support and improve every child's experience at Amport School.  We see the Head Pupils as the prime ambassadors for the school and help them to develop this sense of responsibility.

Winning Head Pupil Manifesto



Hello, some of you may not know me but my name is Amelia.


I would love to be a Head Pupil. I would be proud and honoured to have this role in the school.Some of my ideas are:


A buddy bench. A buddy bench is where one bench in the playground, possibly the one at the top end of the playground, is used and known as the buddy bench. So if you have got no- one to play with or you are feeling very sad or worried, then you can go and sit on the bench and someone from year 5/6 will come and make sure you have someone to play with or talk to you about your worry.


Pyjama night. The pyjama night is an evening before each half term where you have the normal day at school in your pyjamas or a dressing gown or whatever you like to wear before bed that is comfortable and warm. After you arrive at school, you will be led into the hall and will be given a snack maybe popcorn or sweets or something like that and you will eat that while watching a film.


Huff Puff. This was something that used to happen but sadly no longer does. This is where the Year 6s will lead sports activities in the playground at lunchtimes.


If I were to be voted Head Pupil, I would always be ready and willing to listen to your suggestions and try my best to make them happen.


Thank you all very much for listening and do not forget,

Vote Amelia!

Winning Head Pupil Manifesto



Hi, my name is Ashton and this year I would like to be Head Pupil. I have lots of amazing reasons why.


Put your hand up here if you get freezing cold in the winter when your're outside ...I do too. I would like to talk to Mrs Fleet about a video club at lunchtimes. That means you could come inside anytime during lunch and watch a video.

We could also have a book club, you could come inside and listen to one of the year 6's read to you or you could read a book to yourself.


At lunchtimes, the garden is a quiet area but there isn't very much to do up there. If I was one of the Head Pupils, I would talk to Mrs Fleet about getting a board game box. In the box, we could have games like chess, snakes and ladders or any other games that you would like to play.


I noticed that a lot of people like doing the golden mile so I would like to start a running club for every year.


Who thought Camoday was fun? I did. It was a great day that the whole school could enjoy. I would like to suggest more days like that.


Everyone here likes going to The Green after school. I think a zipwire would be a fantastic addition to the play equipment on the Green. If I was one of the Head Pupils, I'd talk to Mrs Fleet about ways of achieving that.


If I was Head Pupil, I'd be open to any other ideas you might have. I am open to everybody's suggestions and I can pass them onto Mrs Fleet.Thank you all for listening.