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Head Pupils


At the beginning of the academic year, all Year 6 pupils are invited to consider standing for the office of Head Pupil.  Those that wish to are asked to present their manifesto to the whole school and engage in a campaign for votes.  All children and staff in the school have one vote and understand that the two pupils with the most votes will be duly elected as Head Pupils for the academic year.  The outcome may be one girl and one boy or two of each gender.  Past experience has shown that Head Pupils have been gracious in their success and frequently will recruit the only too willing support of their peers in their duties.


The role evolves each year with successful candidates bringing their own slant to the role.  However, predominantly, the role is about gathering and listening to children's views on how they can support and improve every child's experience at Amport School.  We see the Head Pupils as the prime ambassadors for the school and help them to develop this sense of responsibility.

Winning Head Pupil Manifesto



Hi, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Henry and would like to be one if this year's Head Pupils.  I promise that I will try my hardest to do many things to help the school be a happier place for everyone.  Not that it's unhappy now!


Some of the things I'd like to do to make the school a happier place are as follows:


  • Bring in World Book Day - a day where you dress up as your favourite book character
  • I will also ask that INSET days are on Mondays and Fridays so that it is like an extended weekend and you can go on holiday or to a theme park as they are open
  • Another of my ideas is to go to the green more often as this gives us more space to play
  • As well as that, I would like to bring back Huff Puff and more sports including using the apparatus in the school hall because they are fun.  Also, sport is good for us!
  • There could also be a rota in each classroom so that, at wet play, we can take turns to play on friv and espresso coding on the computers
  • The final one of my ideas, for now, is to change the lunches so that Year R go in first and then it rotates between the rest of the classes so that Year 5 don't always go in last.

Remember, these are just some of my ideas.  If I am chosen, more ideas and decisions can come from you; don't be afraid, talk to me; I am your representative and will try my hardest to achieve what you want.


Last year, the Head Pupils failed to achieve everything in their manifestos, but I will work tirelessly to ensure that I deliver for you.  I also have a good sense of humour and I'm always laughing!  


And remember, vote for Henry, I'm listening.

Winning Head Pupil Manifesto



Hi, for those of you who do not know me, I am Hari and I have a brother and sister called Sam and Molly in Years 3 & 4.


My first group of ideas is all to do with a range of different sports.  What sports would you enjoy?


That's a brilliant idea.  Now I have some good ideas too.  Firstly, I think it would be great if the whole school went to the Olympic Park.  Secondly, my favourite idea: an egg throwing competition on sports day.  This will be really enjoyable because eggs will crack and splat on all of you!  Finally, in sports day we could get the children in house groups to do laps around the parents in 3 minutes and the house with the most laps wins that race.  This would be a very tiring idea.


I think clubs don't have to just be about sports and competing against each other although they can.  Therefore, I'd like to set up a coding club that would be a bit different and fun to try.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a club where you can make your own computer games.  Another fun club is a tag rugby club because lots of people enjoy it and we don't often play this in PE.  Finally, another club that you may enjoy is fencing club.  Fencing is where you sword fight with pretend swords and a coach teaches you new fighting skills.


I think that school visits are great fun and that we should do a few more.  I also think Years R and 1 don't often have many so maybe give more to Oaks.  The first idea for a school visit could be to a space centre where you can learn about stars and planets in our galaxy.  Secondly, something I mentioned earlier, is a trip to the Olympic Park where you can do new sports and maybe watch someone famous doing a sport.


One final thing which I know everyone would like to see made better - lunches!  At the moment, Year 5 & 6 are able to have an extra option for their lunches which is jacket potatoes.  What I thought we could do, is to let everybody have that option in their lunches.


So, if you've liked what you've heard, don't forget to vote for me.